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okay so i’m making an updated post for this, but i’m in need of money right now and i’m selling some unusuals!

now here come the prices, and keep in mind that i’m willing to go a bit lower if you can’t afford the actual estimated value, i just need whatever i can get right now but obviously if someone were willing to pay more, that would be great.

dragonborn helmet - $30 (i won’t go lower for this one because it’s already cheap)

noble amassment of hats - $50 (i can go as low as $30)

killer’s kabuto - $80 (i’ll go as low as $50 or $40 because i understand $80’s a bit much) [edit] this has been bought already, thank you!

i can do payment through paypal and i’m guessing the most trustworthy way to do this is if we have the trade open as you send payment but i don’t really know. i’m just worried about getting scammed out of something that can possibly get me money right now and i’m not really sure how else to do it in a way we’d both feel comfortable with.

but anyway, my steam name is Engie Yiffer, and my paypal is

if anyone could help me, i’d really really appreciate it! even if you can spread this post around, that’d be great too.

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